About Us

 We are an Irish based company and authorized dealer for all brands we present in our online store. We are passionate about quality luxury bags, offering only those brands and products that customers will be proud to own. In our search for the perfect bag, we look for unique timeless classics that exude style, opulence and quality. Italy is home to the world's most famous fashion houses, turning out top quality craftmanship, talent and designs that have worldwide appeal. Our Made In Italy brands represent unmistakable elegance, excellent tailoring and exquisite materials, combined with unmatched innovation and creativity.  

What we look for in our bags: 

  • Ethical and sustainable - Most of the world's leather comes from unregulated markets. We look for ethical and sustainable alternatives, preferring to choose European sourced leather goods.
  • Timeless designs - Class, style and elegance that attract compliments and never go out of fashion.
  • Quality:
    • Made from high quality leather - There are many layers of leather. We look for bags to be made from good quality leather; not cheap layers, or off-cuts sewn together.
    • Reinforced leather or sturdy hardware in areas that take extra wear, such as handles, feet and corners.
    • Sturdy zips - No hard-to-find zip sliders, or zips that require two hands to open.
    • Cleverly organised internal pockets - avoids that endless digging!
    • Smell of quality - Unnatural ingredients and harsh chemicals can cause a strong and often pungent fake 'leather' smell. We look for manufacturers that source from top tanneries, hence our love for “Consorzio Vera Pelle conciata al Vegetale” and Made in Italy bags.
  • Handmade vs mass produced - We love the unique markings and attention to detail that comes with handmade bags.
  • Great reviews; We like to be satisfied that our products have already received high review ratings with our suppliers.
  • Authenticity - With so many websites and chat forums dedicated to replica bags, we seek out those brands that stand out from the crowd and deserve introduction to new markets.


Our Brands:                                                                        


Established in Martina Franca (Italy) in 1950 by founder Domenico Carbotti, the Carbotti House has over 60 years' experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality women's leather handbags to Italy's finest department stores. Each product is designed and manufactured in keeping with the best of traditional Italian style and excellence. This long time collaboration and care for each product make Carbotti bags a "cult" of craftsmanship and "Made in Italy" design. Thanks to their outstanding style and quality features, the Carbotti handbags are targeted to the mid-high market. All handbags are completely handmade with Italian skilled craftmanship, using top quality fine materials and leathers.







Tornabuoni is a young a dynamic leather goods company situated near Florence. Quality is found in every step of production; From the vegetable tanned leathers provided by Italian tanneries that are in partnership with “Consorzio Vera Pelle conciata al Vegetale”, to the completely Made In Italy finished products.

Vegetable tanning uses only natural tree tannins. A peculiarity of this process is that the colour shade changes over the years. As each leather has different markings, each bag becomes more and more unique and beautiful over time. 




Handmade jewelry and bags created in the heart of Florence. These "Made In Italy" pieces have personality, incorporating white gold, Swarovski and Preciosa crystals.

Vellumy Monnaluna Pink bags




Rosanna jewelry was the first fashion jewelry shop in Barcelona, dating back to 1898. Each piece is individually handmade in Barcelona by Rosanna, her daughter and their team, and using only materials sourced from within Spain. We love the subtlety of this range, the neutral colours, the simple lines and most of all, the affordability.

  Vellumy Rosanna Fashion Jewelry







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